Myriad Solutionz has done lots of research and put a lot of efforts to build fully functional Human Resources Management System (HRMS). The main of HRMS is to track employee history, skills, abilities, salaries and accomplishments. It will allow employees to update their personal information and perform the other tasks so information gathering will not depend on HR only. It will replace certain process with various levels of HRMS.


attendance-ico Attendance Management

Upload excel sheet generated from any Biometric reader and all the complex and tedious calculations is processed with all the constraints in seconds. ...View Gallery

payroll Payroll Management

If you have most complex payroll in the world, Stars HRM can handle it. It calculates bonus, under time, overtime and taxes. Send salary data to employees via SMS or E-Mail. ...View Gallery

requests-management Requests Management

Various requests like overtime, break time, work from home and also a forgot punch-in or punch-out is handled by request from the employee and all considerable calculations are managed based on approval. ...View Gallery

calender Leave Management

Leave management is fully automated and on approval a google calendar event is automatically created and E-Mail exchange also takes place on both the end. ...View Gallery

notice-management Ticket, Notice Management

Any kind of support ticket can be raised and full log is maintained. The ticket can be raised from both the end. Notice can be created for any particular employee or also globally. ...View Gallery

recruitment-management Recruitment Management

Create any staff vacancy and accept application from recruitment portal. Accept CVs and other relevant documents from the portal. ...View Gallery

roll-management Role Management

Assign roles to an employee and give access/block to a particular module or menu. ...View Gallery

shift-management Shift Management

Manage and assign shifts to an employee and all the calculations are managed automatically based on a shift. ...View Gallery

expence Expense Management

Expense can be managed automatically and also employee can request for an expense approval. ...View Gallery

calender Holiday Management

Add or remove holiday and payroll is calculated based on it. ...View Gallery

Customizable_Icon Advance Settings

Customize SMTP settings, SMS Gateways, Language Settings, Email Templates, TAX rules etc. ...View Gallery


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