QHDC Australia

MYOB EXO Integration with Woocommerce for QHDC

QHDC wanted to overhaul their web/online order management system to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Let users browse through their entire product catalogue.
  2. Let Retailers and Vendors place orders through their website.
  3. Integrate inventory management with their online ordering system.
  4. Generate sales and capture new market through enhanced search engine visibility.

QHDC provides Shopping Trolleys, Shopping baskets, Materials Handling Equipment and Accessories across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. For over 35 years shopping trolleys have been QHDC’s flagship product with Australia’s largest retail groups among its customers. A growing business meant QHDC needed a more comprehensive management system. MYOB EXO offered the integration and better inventory management that would supercharge its growth.

The existing online system was designed for a much smaller business. So, while it had suited the company at first, the system began to hinder efficiency as QHDC expanded.

As the business continued to grow, it was time for a change.

Inefficient ordering, a lack of inventory data

Without up-to-date data on stock information, it was difficult to ensure they weren’t under or over ordering. This inefficiency increased costs across the business and affected the final price offered to clients. Sales people were also lacking anywhere-access to up-to-date, accurate inventory information.

This, plus data duplication, meant potential for errors quickly began to undermine the business.

"We just needed better inventory control and seamless integration with MYOB EXO – the previous system just couldn’t do that."

Seamless automation, real-time information

After looking at a number of options, we proposed to integrate WooCommerce with MYOB EXO.

Being a modular system, It was an ideal choice as we could scale and extend its rich set of features.

With an active community of developers supporting Wordpress & WooCommerce development, we knew we could provide an easy to use yet comprehensive solution for QHDC's needs.

The big selling point was WooCommerce's flexibility. It allowed for Dynamic SKU's, Tiered Pricing, Multiple shipping methods and advanced analytics.

"WooCommerce + MYOB EXO solution is fast, secure, and easy to use."

Better efficiency, faster growth

MYOB EXO’s integration with WooCommerce has dramatically improved QHDC’s stock control. With timely access to data, the sales team is bringing in far more completed sales, without a reduction in profit margins.

WooCommerce also provides an extensive set of analytics displayed in a clear and intuitive interface

With most manual work eliminated, QHDC can focus on driving sales and growth.

Advanced Diagnostics and Monitoring

Salient Features

  • Order status automatically syncs with Exo (Processing, Shipped, Payment Complete, Delivered)
  • Option to manage product data via Excel, Wordpress admin panel or EXO
  • Multiple Shipping methods - Star ship, Australia Post & custom carrier
  • Product data automatically syncs with EXO at regular intervals
  • EXO api availability check and notifies site administrator incase of downtime
  • Auto sync website users with MYOB EXO users
  • Check for product duplicates
  • Multi Tiered Pricing
  • Multiple Shipping methods - Star ship, Australia Post & custom carrier
  • Manage product availablity via Exo
  • Smart Ordering system - EXO API independent - Users can place orders even if EXO API not available

"MYOB EXO + WooCommerce is the perfect combination to integrate your ERP solution with eCommerce."


  • Difficult inventory management led to cost inefficiencies
  • No access to accurate, timely pricing meant minimum margins were being eroded
  • No anywhere access to business information
  • No scalability
  • Limited reports


  • Seamless inventory management means buyers & have up-to-date information on Product stock
  • Realtime access to pricing information equips sales team to make more sales with better profit margins
  • Cloud-based for access from anywhere, any time
  • Already proven scalability
  • Advanced Analytics Integration for Insightful reports and Key Conversions