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In the virtual shopping center that the internet has become, online marketing is the most potent weapon you can have in your arsenal. A good online marketing strategy provides amazing liquidity to your products and services across geographies.

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The SEO experts at Myrad Solutionz helps create a launchpad for your services and products by leveraging all available platforms for online promotion. They will also guide you on the limitless marketing opportunity that the internet offers and how you can make the most of all available options. As each business is different, we specialize in creating custom marketing strategies that will suit your customer base and business perfectly in order to boost online sales.

Social Media Optimization:

A strong social media presence is imperative for an online marketing campaign to succeed. We can help you set up your social media presence at the top social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. By linking your social media activities with your website and tying your promotions with your social presence, we create a robust campaign that is sure to garner leads and sales.


The SEO experts at Myriad are conversant with the latest search engine algorithms which allows us to create perfect search engine friendly websites. With our SEO design, boost the visibility of your website on the search pages of search engines such as Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Adbrite, Google Adsense and more. With a better search rank achieved via SEO, paid per inclusion and PPC, gain the maximum exposure possible for your website.

Display Advertise:

By displaying banners of your products and services on other popular websites, you get to reach a larger audience base. We can help place your ad and content on popular websites thereby increasing the reach of your campaign manifold.

Affiliate Marketing:

 A preferred tool for most online promotions, we generate affiliates for your business by offering them incentive for each sale, click, visit, subscription, redirect and so on and so forth.

Interactive Marketing:

By creating interactive animated advertisements and graphics, we help your campaign catch more eyeballs than your competitors.

Viral Marketing:

There is no promotion like a promotion that goes viral. We can help create catchy advertisements, clips, content and interactive games that has the potential to go viral on the social media. By releasing such content on the high traffic social media platforms, you can gain a massive surge in your sales within days

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