Vaastuyogam is a monthly newsletter that dwells on the ancient Vedic sciences of India, more particularly Vaastu and how it has brought positive change into lives of many. This website is completely dynamic and features an advanced content management system, blog and an archival system that supports frequent updates to the website.



Beautifully designed by Miss Kish, we put in our best effort to bring the elegance of this design to the Web.


Simplot Partners

Simplot Partners Australia is a division of Simplot Agribusiness Boise USA. Simplot Partners specialises in supplying high quality Fertilisers, Turf grass Seed, Pest management products as well as other specialty products.. The design was taken care by Miss Kish and we looked after the development for this site.


Saint Gobain Abrasives

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality abrasive products, including a complete range of Flexovit resinoid depressed centre grinding and cutting-off wheels. Designed by Miss Kish, our role was to convert this design into a web and CD friendly tool. Using Web technologies, we made sure that this[…..]